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    rbc foreign exchange bank rate is quoted on a daily basis

    rbc foreign exchange department deals in trading foreign exchange at the retail and wholesale level in foreign exchange market activities. Rbc foreign exchange is just one of the many players in the worldwide forex spot market, each of whom makes substantial profits from forex trading. Now, its possible for smaller investors to get in on the action. As a result of the internet and the significant cost reductions in getting real time foreign exchange interactive charts, smaller traders have the same opportunities as the big banks. In fact, one of the strategies we teach in our beginners course is to trade the trends that are created by the big banks - get in after the trend is established and get out when the trend reverses. Using this strategy means you won't get every last nickel out of the trade but its a much safer stragegy than trying to predict where the market will go next. Our intereactive charts have a built in signal to tell traders when a trend is emerging and when it is reversing. To learn more, click here.

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