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    Royal bank foreign exchange rates are available on-line through our website

    The royal bank foreign exchange department deals in both the spot, wholesale market and the retail market. If you deal with the royal bank foreign exchange group as a customer, you will be dealing at the retail level. In this case you will most likely be exchanging currency for non trading purposes. If you are looking to trade forex on the wholesale, spot market, we can help. We train new, novice traders how to profit from trading foreign exchange from their home computers. The market is huge and the profit opportunities are numerous. Unlike trying to trade on a foreign stock exchange, we trade in the currency of foreign countries. Some of the blue chip currencies we trade include the U.S. dollar, Euro, Pound and Yen. Trading forex can be an extremely rewarding second career or a part time means of increasing your net worth. What does it take to start? Click here.

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